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The ‘Swallows Saga’

Posted on 25 July 2020 by steven

The 'Swallows Saga'

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for… The ‘Swallow Saga’ has taken on a flight of its own…

We were amazed to receive 68 entries with name suggestions for the swallow fledglings who are now happily flying around the City and Christchurch Meadow. So much for the so called pollution we are told exists in Oxford.

The standard of entries has made the task of choosing three winners of our £100 vouchers incredibly difficult.

The list was easily narrowed down by ruling out the multiple entries of Beatle names (x2), Swallows and Amazons (x3), Spice Girls (x2), Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich (x2), Eeny Meenie etc (which obviously had to be disqualified).

The judges quite liked ‘Quad, Quod, Kwod, Kwad’ but decided that it would be difficult to call in individual birds for a friendly stroke because they’d all land on your hand at the same time. Another good one was the four different currencies from countries passed over on their way back to South Africa in the Autumn, ‘Penny, Franc, Peso and Rand, but we decided that the inclusion of the Peso must have meant they were severely blown off course and ended up in Mexico or S. America which was pretty unlikely.

So, in no particular order, the three winners are………

1. Chelsea, from Warwickshire: Percy, Oscar, May, Alice. (Explanation: Percy Shelley, Oscar Wilde, May Wedderburn Cannan, Alice Oswald. All of these poets have a connection with Oxford University and wrote a poem with a reference to a swallow).

2. Catherine, from Witney : Kumrza, Kurudi, Kukimbia, Nyumbani. (Explanation: In order the names mean in Swahili, swallows return flight home).

3. Joe, from Oxford: Rishi, Ruth, Karol, Hristina. (Explanation: Rishi, after Dishy Rishi, our charismatic Chancellor of the Exchequer. Ruth, after our chief Nurse Ruth May, who was excommunicated for not backing the ●●●●●● Dominic Cummings. Karol after Professor Karol Sikora, in appreciation for being a daily dose of positivity & optimism through the crisis. Lastly, Hristina, my joint fave member of staff at team Mogford.

Key: ● equals a word we felt unable to print.

They will each receive a voucher for £100 to be spent anywhere within ‘The Oxford Collection’.

A special prize goes to 5 year old Grace for her Rainbow, Poppy, Sesame, and Rosetta suggestion, Grace will receive a voucher for ten small thick ice cream milkshakes to be consumed at any time. Sorry parents, this is going to cost you but at least you’re not going to be asked about it by your daughter every day.

My own entry of Tom, Dick, Harry and Sally was ruled out for being pathetic.

I do have to say again, there were many, many others who lost by the thinnest of whiskers. Commiserations to them all, better luck next time.

Jeremy Mogford