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Mrs Gees Tomato Sauce

Posted on 30 April 2020 by steven

Mrs Gees Tomato Sauce

Here’s my idea for your fridge and freezer without breaking the bank…

– Jeremy Mogford

The recipe below is my longstanding all-time favourite party piece, originally created as one of the four pasta sauce stalwarts of Browns menu of old. It is the perfect base for a hundred and one different dishes… Just add other main ingredients you may find available or in season. The quantities will make 26 portions and I suggest you divide it up into manageable sized bags and freeze the surplus for future delicious use.

The recipe works really well on its own, and if you want a vegetarian version, omit the bacon lardons. As a variation, you could add prawns as the photograph above shows, or if you prefer a bit of spiciness perhaps chorizo… The possibilities are endless!



Tinned Whole Plum Tomatoes, best quality (say Napolina)   ~   20 tins (400g)
Tomato Puree, best quality (say Napilina)   ~   1 tube (142g)
Bay Leaves   ~   8 leaves
Oregano   ~   2 to 3 teaspoons
Garlic, finely chopped   ~   4.5oz
Celery, sliced around 0.5cm thick (split thicker stalks to make thinner)   ~   13oz
Carrots, sliced around 0.5cm thick (split carrots if 3cm diameter)   ~   1lb 6oz
Shallots, finely chopped   ~   1lb 1oz
Olive Oil, good quality   ~   as needed to sweat vegetables
Ground Black Pepper   ~   120 turns
Ground Sea Salt   ~   120 turns
Castor Sugar   ~   8 level tablespoons
Dry White Wine   ~   20 floz (1 pint)
Tabasco   ~   3 teaspoons

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Bacon Lardons (small dice), for non-vegetarian tomato version   ~   160 grams
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Heat olive oil in a suitable pan. If bacon lardons are considered necessary then place them in the pan at the beginning to brown slightly before continuing. Add garlic, shallots, carrots, celery, celery, bay leaves and oregano and sweat these down. Add white wine and reduce. Season with salt, pepper, sugar and tabasco.

Drain whole plum tomatoes, retain liquid. Roughly slice up the tomatoes by running a sharp knife through them to break them up and then add them, along with 50% of the drained tomato liquid, to the sweated vegetables. Stir and gently simmer for around 45 minutes adding the tomato puree, thoroughly stirring into the whole mix.

Adjust seasoning as required.